How to Flip Websites in 2019 – Start an Online Business Buying and Selling Websites

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There are countless legitimate ways to make money online, but one of the more lucrative and lesser known ways is flipping websites.

You might’ve heard the stories of people who start a humble website and end up selling it for millions of dollars to a media conglomerate (this story is one example.)

Here’s the truth – stories like that are few and far between. And while it would be incredible if we could all start a website and sell it for millions of dollars 5 or 10 years from now, the truth is that sales like that are very rare.

The good news is, that there are thousands of people who make money buying and selling websites.

Some entrepreneurs buy and sell websites to supplement their income, and there are many who have made flipping websites their primary source of income.

My friend, Jenn Leach, is in the latter category.

Jenn is a full-time website flipper and creator of the website flipping course, The Art of the Microflip.

Jenn got her first taste of website flipping back in 2014 when she sold her eCommerce site for a profit.

After realizing how lucrative flipping websites could be, she started focusing more attention on the process. Fast forward 5 years, and Jenn has made well over $100,000 buying and selling websites.

Jenn is an expert in flipping websites for profit, and I’ve invited her to share some tips and advice for Digital Nomad Mom readers interested in exploring this profitable and exciting online business.

Here’s what Jenn has to say about starting a website flipping online business.

How to Flip Websites in 2019 – Interview With Jenn Leach, Founder of The Art of the Microflip

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1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got started in Website Flipping?

I’m an Army brat and call Texas home. I have a background in personal finance and banking. In the last two years at my former employer a lightbulb went off and I decided to give this entrepreneurship thing a try.

I tried my hand at a few different things but I had the most success with ecommerce. A year after starting my ecommerce store, I quit my day job for the entrepreneurship life!

A few years into running the store, I was feeling burnt out. I was working 60 hours weeks and had the store on my mind 24/7. It was beginning to get more difficult to balance home and work. I was neglecting everything except the store and I knew something had to change so I decided to sell and flipped the store for a profit!

That was my first flip and since then, I have flipped dozens of websites including blogs and ecommerce stores, teaching others how I do it, along the way.

I love website flipping for so many reasons but most of all, for the flexibility. I can create my own schedule, manage mommy things inbetween like being home to see my son off as he gets on the school bus and gets dropped off during the week, schedule doctor’s appointments without worry, and tons of other perks.

There is unlimited income potential and I’m the boss. I choose what projects to pursue and what kind of work load I’ll take on. It’s great!

2. How do you make money selling websites?

Websites are very valuable and they are a lot easier to buy and sell than a many people think. I create and grow websites then once they are valuable, I flip them for a profit.

Value comes from many things including:

  • Email list
  • Social media fanbase
  • Website revenue
  • Website traffic
  • Content

As you can see, many things make a site valuable. That means zero income, zero traffic sites can sell. Zero content sites can sell. The more elements you have, the higher the price you can fetch for the site, in some cases.

For example, I can create a food blog and write 50 articles and recipes for the site. Then, grow the traffic and maintain it for 3 months and sell it.

This is an example of what the process might look like. You can sell the site at any point in time and at any age.

3. Is flipping websites still profitable in 2019?

Yes, definitely! I still make money flipping websites and 2019 is a great time to do it.

Editors note – Buying and selling websites is incredibly profitable in 2019. Take a look at the current listings on website marketplaces like Empire Flippers and Flippa to see how much websites are selling for in 2019.

4. How long does it take to create and flip a website?

You can create a website in as little as an hour.

Editors note – If you have some experience creating websites, the process can be very fast. Of course, there’s a learning curve for complete beginners.

Growing it can take some time (30+ days) but growth happens from day 1. The moment you start adding content and spreading word about your site, it’s becoming more and more valuable.

The “flip” or the sale can take anywhere from 1 day to 14 days, on average. Larger, more established sites can take up to a few months to sell.

5. How much money can you make flipping websites?

In the beginning stages of starting a website flipping business, you can earn up to $2,500/month flipping websites. Once you get good at the process, it’s easy to scale and go from flipping one site to flipping dozens of sites, creating monthly income for yourself.

6. Are there any special technical skills or equipment required to buy and sell websites?

No technical skills or specialized equipment is needed to buy and sell websites. If you can operate a smartphone, you can buy and sell websites. You can actually do it all from your phone, if you’d like.

You don’t have to be technically savvy or know coding, no special background or expertise is needed to succeed flipping websites.

7. What would a typical day look like for a website flipper?

A typical day, assuming a part-time schedule 8am to 12pm:

8am to 9am-promote

9am to 10am-keyword research

11am to 12pm-create website content and research

For a full-time schedule, you’d do the same activities but spread out over a long period of time for each task.

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9. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to become a website flipper?

Just start! Sometimes you need a push to begin. The website flipping industry has a low barrier to entry and starting today can mean you have $2,500 more in your bank after your first flip.

You’ll learn along the way but don’t delay if you’re interested. It’s a fun and rewarding field to break into and it lets you explore your creative side.

Other perks? Unlimited income potential, design your dream schedule, call yourself boss and more!

How To Get Started in the Website Flipping Business

As you can see, website flipping can be a lucrative online business with some serious perks, including unlimited potential and the ability to set your own schedule.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, here are a couple of recommended resources:

The Art of the Microflip

This is Jenn’s premium course designed to teach you how to start a profitable website flipping business, completely from scratch.

Jenn teaches aspiring website flippers the month-long, rinse and repeat formula she uses for every website she creates.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create and launch your site
  • Add content
  • Promote your site
  • Create a strong social presence
  • Monetize the site
  • Sell it for maximum profit

The Art of the Microflip is a great course for newbie, aspiring website flippers.

Humanproof Designs

If you’d rather bypass the initial setup phase, then you can purchase a starter site from Humanproof Designs.

Humanproof Designs is a company that specializes in creating starter websites for people who are interested in getting into the website business, have a little more cash to invest upfront and want to avoid the sometimes tedious process of setting everything up.

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How to Start an Online Business Flipping Websites - This Mama Reveals All #websiteflipping #buyandsellwebsites #onlinebusinessideas
How to Flip Websites in 2019 - Start an Online Business Buying and Selling Websites


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