Stupid Simple SEO Review [Will it REALLY Help You Rank in Google?]

Stupid Simple SEO is a new search engine optimization course that promises to teach you how to get your content ranking on Google. But does it REALLY teach you what you need to know?

In this Stupid Simple SEO review I’m going to reveal what you need to know before you buy.

Stupid Simple SEO Review Summary

Product Name: Stupid Simple SEO

Product Type: SEO course

Creator: Mike Pearson

Price: $297 or 3 payments of $117/mo

Best For: Bloggers and website owners who want to learn how to get their content ranking on Google

Stupid Simple SEO review

Summary: Stupid Simple SEO is a course created by Mike Pearson, a blogger and SEO expert. He created Stupid Simple SEO because he understood that while SEO is an important skill to master, it can seem overwhelming and complicated. Stupid Simple SEO aims to demystify the process and make SEO easy to implement.

Rating: 90/100

Recommended: Yes, with a caveat

What is Stupid Simple SEO?

Stupid Simple SEO is a premium SEO course that aims to demystify SEO and bring “simple SEO” to the blogging world.

Most bloggers are aware of SEO and it’s importance but have a tendency to stick their head in the sand and ignore SEO because it sounds too complicated or confusing.

If you’ve been avoiding SEO because you have no idea where to get started or feel overwhelmed by things like keyword research, increasing your domain authority, backlinks, etc., then Stupid Simple SEO was created for you.

Who is Stupid Simple SEO For?

Stupid Simple SEO is ideal for bloggers who want to learn how to rank in Google, increase their blog traffic and make more money.

The ideal student would look something like this:

  • Bloggers who get the majority of their traffic from Pinterest and want to diversify their traffic so they’re not relying on one platform
  • Bloggers who know the importance of SEO for growing their blog but have no idea where to get started
  • Bloggers who are new to SEO but not new to blogging

Stupid Simple SEO is not the best choice if you’re completely new to blogging, have very few published posts or don’t have a blog yet and are just exploring the idea.

If you’re completely new to blogging then this community would be a better option for you.

What You’ll Learn in Stupid Simple SEO

Stupid Simple SEO is an all-video course that comprises 55+ lessons with over 11 hours of content, covering the following:

  • How to set up your blog for SEO success
  • Why user intent & blog relevance is so important
  • How to do proper keyword research
  • How to create and optimize content that ranks
  • How to do SEO for affiliate marketing
  • Link building 101
  • How to do guest posting for backlinks
  • How to do a “blogger roundup” to get links
  • How to do blogger outreach
  • How to use Help A Reporter Out to get links

What I Like About Stupid Simple SEO

I enrolled in Stupid Simple SEO when it first opened, and was immediately impressed with the course content and Mike’s teaching style.

Mike has a knack for breaking down a complicated topic like SEO into bite-sized chunks.

Some of the modules are very intense and time-consuming, but once you’ve completed the required tasks, you will have a strategy and content ideas to last you at least a year, on average.

What I Don’t Like About Stupid Simple SEO

The entire course is video based, which some people may not like.

Personally, I enjoy video based learning and enjoy the “over the shoulder” way Mike has presented Stupid Simple SEO.

Having said that, I felt it was worth noting here for people who don’t enjoy video based courses.

How Much Does Stupid Simple SEO Cost?

At the time of writing this Stupid Simple SEO review, Stupid Simple SEO costs $297. There is also the option to pay via a 3-payment plan of $117/mo.

Are There Any Extra Costs?

Yes, there is one very minor extra cost.

For a portion of the course you will be required to get a 7-day trial to Ahrefs, a keyword research tool.

This is a one-time cost of $7 and once you’ve completed the corresponding videos, you can cancel your subscription.

To clarify – Ahrefs is not required for the entire course, just a few modules.

Who is the Creator of Stupid Simple SEO?

The creator of Stupid Simple SEO is Mike Pearson.

When you’re enrolling in a course like this, it’s only natural that you want to ensure that the person you’re learning from knows what they’re talking about, so let’s take a further look.

Mike Pearson is a blogger who helps other bloggers increase their Google rankings and improve their SEO traffic over at

Beyond his SEO website, Mike has started several blogs in different niches, including one he sold recently for six figures. He’s also made over $200,000 on the Amazon Associate’s Program.

Mike’s most recently created site, Credit Takeoff, has already been featured on sites like, Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, Investopedia, and LendingTree.

What’s even more impressive about Mike is that he does all of this while maintaining a full-time corporate job.

Is Stupid Simple SEO a Scam?

No, Stupid Simple SEO is not a scam.

SEO is a long-term game, so if you’re expecting to take the course and immediately rank in Google, that is not going to happen.

However, if you understand that SEO takes time to implement but can have major rewards in the future, then Stupid Simple SEO is a great course to demystify the process.

Do I Recommend Stupid Simple SEO?

If you’re an established blogger with at least 20 published blog posts, then yes, I recommend enrolling in Stupid Simple SEO.

If you’re a new blogger or wanting to start a blog, then no, I don’t recommend you enroll in Stupid Simple SEO at this time. This is my recommendation for you.

How to Enroll in Stupid Simple SEO

Stupid Simple SEO is only open for enrollment a few times a year.

Click on the button below to check if it’s currently open.

If you find that it’s not currently open, then I recommend signing up for the free 5-day SEO email course. You’ll get a taste of Mike’s teaching style, learn some helpful tips about SEO strategy and get notified when the course is open for enrollment.



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